Investment financing to finance all types of new and used capital goods, but can also be in the form of working capital financing in the mechanism of sale and leaseback.

Capital Item Type:

Heavy equipment

Financing heavy equipment for various industrial sectors (Construction, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Oil / Gas, Mining, Port, Aviation and Tourism Industry) that uses various types of heavy equipment in its operational activities, such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, heavy trucks, forklifts , and others.


Truck financing, we can finance various types of trucks used in various business sectors, such as tank trucks, cargo, dumps, trailers, low-beds, flat-decks, and others.                                    

Digital Printing and Printing Machines

As one of the major players in the printing industry in Indonesia, we have a wide network of partners with suppliers of sales of digital printing and printing machines. Financing various types of printing machines that are used both in the printing and printing machines supporting.

Industrial Machinery

Financing in several business sectors to support production, such as cnc machines, blowing and molding machines, spinning machines, embroidery machines, textile machinery, garment machinery, generators and other industrial machinery.

Medical devices

Health Equipment Financing is the provision of financing facilities to Hospitals, Clinics, Specialist Doctors to invest in the purchase of medical devices such as Xray, Dental Chair, Citiscan, MRI and others.


Credit Requirements

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