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Procedure to get Finance Lease Facility

Any individual business or business entity (PT, CV) is eligible to get finance lease facility from the Company provided that they can fulfill all conditions required by the Company.

The documents required to be submitted by the prospective customers are:

No.Document RequiredPTCVIndividual
1 Establishment deed or article of association, and the amendments V V  
2 Business License V V V
3 Company Registration (TDP) V V V
4 Domicile Letter V V V
5 Identity document of Director's/Owner's V V V
6 Bank Statement (Min 3 months) V V V
7 Financial Report or Financial Statement (Min 3 years) V V V
8 Tax Identification Number (NPWP) V V V
9 Statement Letter regarding beneficial owner of the company and Identity document of beneficial owner (if any) V    
10 Family Register Card   V V


Any prospective customer must fill in all data and information required with truth and accurate data/information to fulfill the Know Your Customers (KYC) principle that should be applied by the finance institutions in accordance with prevailing regulations.



Management Fee :<= 1% of Net Finance amount
Fiduciary/Mortgage :Based on actual fee charged by the Notary. Will be applied if there is any additional collateral asked to be submitted based on credit risk review.

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