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Equipment to be Leased

PT. BRI Multifinance Indonesia provides lease financing facilities in all type of capital equipments for various business sectors with the simple procedures and high quality of services.

Type of capital equipments financed by PT. BRI Multifinance Indonesia, e.g :

  1. Truck and Bus
  2. We provides lease financing for land transportation with Truck and Bus as object of the lease. For bus financing, we provides lease facility for chartered and intercity bus. Meanwhile for truck financing, we could finance various types of truck that utilize in various kinds of business, such as tank, cargo, dump, trailer, low-bed, flat-deck, and others.
  1. Heavy equipment
  2. We provides heavy equipment financing for various industrial sectors (Mining, Construction, Agribusiness and Oil/Gas Industry) with various type of equipment such as Excavator, Bulldozer, Various Cranes, Heavy Truck, Forklift, etc.
  1. Printing Machinery and its supporting equipment
  2. Since its establishment, we has been a financer specialist for printing equipment with various type of equipment from pre-press, press up to post press. PT. BRI Multifinance Indonesia as one of the major players in printing financing in Indonesia has wide cooperation with printing equipment suppliers both in local and international market.
  1. Various Industrial Machinery
  2. We also serves manufacturers engaged in various business sectors to finance their investment in machinery, such as plastic, metal working, knitting, embroidery and other textile machines, generating set and many others.

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